How to Run as Small Factoring Business
ABC Financial Services PO Box 9999 Seattle, WA 98100 206 999 0000 206 999 0001 Fax  October 31, 2012 Attention: Accounts Payable  Good Grub Restaurant 1010 Pubhub Rd. Seattle, WA 98100  Notice of Assignment and Change of Payee  We are pleased to inform you we have established a working relationship that provides Gina’s Sheening Cleaning with a working capital line of credit. These funds will enable further growth and expansion from which Gina’s Sheening Cleaning and their customers will benefit, both now and in the future. Accordingly, Gina’s Sheening Cleaning has assigned all present and future Accounts Receivable with your company to ABC Financial Services.  To the extent that you are now indebted or may in the future become indebted to Gina’s Sheening Cleaning on an account, payment thereof must be made payable to ABC Financial Services and not to Gina’s Sheening Cleaning or any other entity.  This letter hereby instructs you to remit your payment of all invoices from Gina’s Sheening Cleaning directly to ABC Financial Services, and to continue to do so until notified otherwise by ABC Financial Services. Payments made to any party except ABC Financial Services will not relieve your obligation for Accounts Payable due Gina’s Sheening Cleaning and will expose you to multiple liability. This notice may not be revoked except in writing by an officer of ABC Financial Services.  All payments made by check must be mailed to ABC Financial Services at the following address:  ABC Financial Services FBO Gina’s Sheening Cleaning PO Box 9999 Seattle, WA 98100  Your cooperation is appreciated. Please sign below and return via fax to 206 999-0001 at your earliest convenience and kindly make the needed changes in your Accounts Payable system. Please keep a copy of this letter for your records.  Should you have any questions concerning this letter, please call ABC Financial Services at 206 999-0000, or Gina Steening, President, Gina’s Sheening Cleaning at 206 333-4444.  Sincerely,  Joe Factor	Gina Steening	  Joe Factor	Gina Steening President	President ABC Financial Services	Gina’s Sheening Cleaning  Received and acknowledged by Customer Company, customer of Gina’s Sheening Cleaning:   Signature:	_______Betty Beetle	____________________________________________  Print Name:	_______Betty Beetle	____________________________________________  Title: 	_______Manager	____________________________________________  Date	_______November 1, 2012__________________________________________