How to Run as Small Factoring Business
Instructions for Factored Payments Received by Client If you receive a customer payment for any factored invoice, do not deposit the funds into your bank account nor cash the check. Doing so is committing fraud. Handle the payment the following way: 1. Immediately email a copy or fax the check and its stub to ABC Financial Services (fax 253-000-0001). Include a note indicating how you are delivering the payment to us (1st class mail, Priority Mail, hand deliver, overnight). 2. Deliver the check as indicated on your note. Your account will be credited for the payment as being received the business day we receive it, not when you fax it. The remittance addresses are: USPS Delivery ABC Financial Services P.O. Box 9999 Anytown, USA 00000-0000 FedEx/UPS Overnight ABC Financial Services 123 Main Street Anytown, USA 00000-0000 3. To avoid improperly routed payments in the future, contact your customerís Accounts Payable department or bookkeeper to thank them for payment and remind them to send future checks to your Accounts Receivable remittance address:  P.O. Box 9999 Anytown, USA 00000-0000 I understand these instructions and will immediately forward all payments for factored invoices to ABC Financial Services as directed above. I understand that by depositing or cashing such payments I am subject to a Misdirected Payment Fee per incident, a breach of contract that may result in termination of the factoring agreement, and am committing criminal fraud that can carry severe penalties.  Company Name:	________________________________________  Signature:	________________________________________  Print Name:	________________________________________  Title:	________________________________________  Date:	________________________________________