Successful Case Studies
Factoring Case Studies (2nd Edition)
  Case Study Name Mark of Success 1 Smallnhappy Graphic Arts Client does what she enjoys and is financially stable. 8 Razzle & Dazzle Manufacturing Factoring helped a small business grow and created  good income for the factor, client, and broker. 12 Stalwart Security Long-term stable business due to factoring. 15 Gogetter Property Services Factoring helped the client get his business established and grow steadily. 17 Lunch & Munch Staffing Factoring helped the business grow and become successful. 21 Techie Trekker Factoring stabilized business and personal cash flow for a one-person business. 25 Safensound Janitorial and Maintenance Anchor client for factor; factoring helped them become bankable. 30 Effective Fundraising Factoring made business as efficient and profitable as possible.