Case Studies by Number
Factoring Case Studies (2nd Edition)
#	 1	 2	 3	 4	 5	 6	 7	 8	 9	 10	 11	 12	 13	 14	 15	 16	 17	 18	 19	 20 	 21	 22 	 23 	 24	 25	 26	 27	 28	 29	 30	 Case Study Name	 Smallnhappy Graphic Arts	 Blahzay Auto Transport	 Dee Seetful & Associates	 Shifty Shuffles Staffing Services 	 Hardluck Harvey’s Homes 	 Claire’s Repairs	 Smallfrey Alarm Company	 Razzle & Dazzle Manufacturing	 Dunfore Day Care	 Messner Janitorial Company	 Budibuddy Metal Fabrication	 Stalwart Security	 Misfit Publishing Company	 Sloppee Properties	 Gogetter Property Services	 Audacity Cleaning Services	 Lunch & Munch Staffing	 Dorrie Nobb Advertising	 Clank Brothers Wiring and Cable	 Hemisphere and World Logistics International Transfer (HAWLIT)	 Techie Trekker	 Smuggley, Swindol & Finkbottom Finance	 Onin’s Workouts & Isometric Exercise Systems (OWIES)	 Mr. Scumbucket Janitorial	 Safensound Janitorial and Maintenance	 Slimegall Medical Transport	 Methodical Manufacturing	 Damon Deevyus, LLC	 Battleground Janitorial	 Effective Fundraising	 Contributor	 Jeff Callender	 Don D’Ambrosio	 Jeff Callender	 Rodrigo Riadi	 Tony Neglia	 Jeff Callender	 Don D’Ambrosio	 Darrell Fleck	 Jeff Callender	 Kim Deveney	 Ryan Jaskiewicz	 Jeff Callender	 Melissa Donald	 Jeff Callender	 Jeff Callender	 Tony Neglia	 Kim Deveney	 Tony Neglia	 Melissa Donald	 Rodrigo Riadi 	 Jeff Callender	 Don D’Ambrosio 	 Rodrigo Riadi 	 Jeff Callender	 Melissa Donald	 Jeff Callender	 Jeff Callender	 Jeff Callender	 Jeff Callender	 Jeff Callender