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Disclaimer Please be advised that the forms provided in this package are of a general nature only. They are not drafted to fit the specific factoring or asset based lending transaction you are  currently contemplating. They are drafted for informational and instructional purposes and  are intended to be of a general nature. Many of the documents contained in each packet are based on the original authorship of Bob Zadek, Esq., an attorney specializing in the fields of  factoring and asset based lending. Depending on the type of client you may factor, certain provisions in these documents need  to be added or revised. Therefore, you should either use these forms to consult with your  counsel to ensure they fit the situation for which you intend them and that they comply with  all of your state’s laws. You should also feel free to contact David J. Jencks, at any of the  numbers or address above with any questions about the documents. Mr. Jencks will take the time to answer your questions free of charge upon the purchase of this packet of materials.  Should you have any questions whatsoever about how to use the documents or the blanks  that need to be filled in, you should immediately contact your counsel or Mr. Jencks for  further guidance and assistance. The un-aided use of these documents could potentially cause them to be used improperly  and thus you may incur liability or a loss of rights. Therefore, it is important to consult with  competent counsel before implementing them in your factoring or asset based limitation.  You should further be advised that many other documents exist in the factoring industry.  However, they are of such a specialized, case by case basis that they are not provided as  part of this packet of materials. In the event that you are buying out a factoring account,  being bought out, dealing with the priority of creditors, and many other issues, you should  contact counsel for those specific documents to be drafted.  Note: Liability to and against the author is limited to the cost paid for these materials. All  forms in this database are provided without any warranty, express or implied, as to their  legal effect and completeness. Forms should be used as guide and modified to meet the  laws in your state. The author does not warrant any form that is provided, nor are they  creating an Attorney-Client or Attorney’s-Attorney relationship by providing the forms.  You agree that you understand these terms and this disclaimer prior to purchasing said  materials.    Back to Legal Documents page
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